“It’s All About You”  Genuinely – You Individual Coaching Package

How can you take charge of the quality of your life, personally and professionally ?  

Do you want to live a life filled with confidence and purpose?   Look around you and see the number of people who are just ‘going through the motions’ of an existence, rather than embracing all that life has to offer them and reaching their full potential.
Maybe you sometimes feel alone, adrift, aimless, what’s the point?  unsure?
Wouldn’t you rather feel strong, powerful, confident and glad to be you?  

I’ll show you how!

Leadership For Life - It All Starts With YOU!




Feeling confident with a great sense of self-worth is vital if people are to find their purpose and live a life of true fulfilment.  It’s an outcome which feels totally out of reach for many successful women business owners, entrepreneurs and executives.   

Even at the height of their success, many women don’t feel good enough. They’re much harder on themselves than they are on others and they consistently put other people’s priorities at the top of their list.  As a result, they are left chasing their tail, trying hard to be superwoman but beneath it all, they feel they are falling short (worthless, isolated, frustrated, overwhelmed, fearful of being found out).  

The “Its All About You 1:1 Coaching Programme helps professional women transform their lives by stepping into their genuine authentic power. It enables them to do it effectively and efficiently.  The “All About You” Programme uses the unique “Thriving Not Surviving Process”.  

Gina has developed the process over the last thirty five years working with countless people helping them to develop personally and spiritually. Working with Gina on a 1:1 basis turbo charges the results clients achieve, helping them achieve the outcomes they desire more quickly.  Clients are supported in a non-judgemental way throughout the process.   

Gina help’s clients create clarity about what the real issues are, recognise their habitual behaviours and their impact and to plan an effective way forward.  She helps clients to deal with past challenges allowing them the opportunity to enjoy their present and enables them to look forward to a future with enthusiasm.  

Getting great results enable clients to step into their ultimate power, helping them to know that the quality of their life is absolutely their choice. Doing so will help them feel more confident personally and professionally, facilitating a life of purpose and fulfilment.  

Helping people who want to get the very best out of life, who are ready to take action using the unique ‘Thriving Not Surviving’ strategies and the experienced 1:1 support ensures that life will become more rewarding and clients will achieve greater confidence, success, happiness and fulfilment in both their personal and professional life quickly and efficiently.

The 'It's All About You' Individual Coaching Programme
The It’s All about You Coaching programme consists of:


12 weekly x 45 minute 1:1 bespoke coaching sessions needs
(The sessions can be organized in longer fortnightly sessions if that suits better)

Email support throughout

The Journey


Gain absolute clarity about what you want to achieve and what is getting in the way.  Clarify about what the real issues are and realise their true impact so you can create a  plan to forge an effective way forward.  This saves time, streamlines the process and helps you achieve greater confidence and self- worth

Understand how your limiting beliefs and your past ways of thinking and behaviours are continuing to influence the quality of your present and your future in a negative way

Learn to recognise of your strengths and areas for development in a constructive way


Create a manageable Action Plan to help you achieve your goals with ease

Learn a range of tried and tested strategies and techniques to support you in your emotional and spiritual journey to confidence, happiness and fulfilment

To ensure maximum progress quickly you will receive 1:1 support and challenge in a loving, non -judgemental space.

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