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Do you have the courage to look within to do the deep self reflection and become the true leader of your life?
Do you have the courage to step into your genuine power and release the limitless potential of being a PROFITABLE LEADER?
Are you ready to be in the vanguard, to become a shining beacon which inspires and lights the way for others?
This programme is designed exclusively for those leaders who are ready to be a leader of leaders in the new era of consciousness and who recognise time is of the essence!
3 months of intensive 1:1 coaching and facilitation with Gina.


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In the new ‘Normal’ business leaders and entrepreneurs are struggling to achieve and sustain success. So many are finding that they feel totally unprepared for the challenges which face them on a daily basis.   

The pace of change has never been greater and business leaders and entrepreneurs are struggling to find a way forward.  

You may be one of the leaders who is feeling overwhelmed by the never ending need to meet your targets.  You may be tired of the bullying, complaining and the constant battle each day brings.  You may wonder how it is possible to have a successful business and a happy relationship and home life, as you try to please everyone at work and at home. You may recognise that there has to be a better way but are not yet sure of how?  


Profitable, Enlightened Leaders are able to access the limitless possibilities that greater consciousness offers.  They recognise and harness its power.  They have an awareness that things aren't working and in reality weren't working long before the global pandemic.  They realise that in this new era of consciousness we need a different type of leader, one who is open to expansion, creativity and up-levelling to a new way of being.  

Conscious profitability is about so much more than finances and the business’s bottom line.  Leaders who focus primarily  on the money miss out on the huge treasures that are available to them and their business. The  leader’s capacity to create a greater and more positive impact on multiple levels requires the leader to understand the principles of the Profitable, Enlightened approach to leadership and a commitment to engage in sustained action to support the approach. 


As a leader, your mission in the world is very important. In fact, your leadership is absolutely vital in this era where great changes are to be made. 

Time is of the essence. There is a dire need for a shift in the leadership dynamics. There's no time for being stuck in the trap of old patterns of beliefs and behaviours which paralyse any chance of success.

As a leader called to a higher service, you're here to make a difference and demonstrate an example of living out your higher purpose and mission. This greater mission reflects thriving, excelling at your greater potential, and consistently ridding yourself everything that is blocking you.


How do you accomplish this?

By firstly doing the deep dive work on yourself. Only then will you truly understand what it means to be profitable in an ever-changing marketplace. It is more than just about money, it's about discovering your limitless potential that leads to a fulfilling life and leadership experience.

Imagine how life will be when you are able to embrace the limitless possibilities which are waiting - when you are able to change your life and that of others in a positive and meaningful way!

For those of you who are becoming more aware - there is a new way: One which requires the courage to take that first leap to look within and discover the new emerging version of yourself. As your consciousness awakens and you start to explore, discover the powerful resources and limitless potential locked inside you, offering you a journey which feels lighter and more expansive. Where everything feels so much more possible and more profitable.

It's time to step out of the old ways of being and recognise that new potential only exists beyond the illusion of comfort-zones, controls, and safety.

This is your defining moment - to leap into a new realm of infinite potential and limitless possibilities.

The good news is you don't have to do this alone. Leaders also a guide to help them reach levels of unimaginable success.

If you are ready to step into the place of ‘no limitations’ in order to tap into new levels of your holistic profits power then allow me to support and guide you on your journey to profitable enlightenment as a leader.

Let the profitable enlightened leadership enhancement journey begin...

Making The Most Of Your Team

Creating sustained success as we move into a new era of consciousness will require leaders to adopt a very different mindset and approach to getting the best out of their team.

As a leader it will be imperative that you have a clear understanding of your “WHY” and that you have a cohesive, motivated and appropriately skilled team who share ownership of your purpose and your core values.

Everything starts with YOU! 

Your language and your actions (or lack of them) send out a strong message - a vibration which is picked up by your team and your clients.  It requires leaders to be the best version of themselves and the skill to nurture the potential of their staff to do the same. Success in the new normal will be dependent on your having the capacity to level up. 

Profitable Enlightened Leaders take radical responsibility for themselves and create a culture where all staff do the same.  It is absolutely vital that leaders walk their talk, that they are truly authentic and that they lead with integrity, compassion and the courage to do what is right.

No longer can leaders know it all, they will need to have the ability to create self-organising teams which harness the collective IQ, EQ, experience, expertise, creativity and enthusiasm of their staff.  

Many people are fearful of the unknown and as a result will stay stuck in their old way of thinking and being.  The trouble is that staying in your comfort zone gives the illusion of of security but this is usually very short lived.  It is like fiddling with the deckchairs on the deck of the Titanic.

The result: Initially things may seem ok, however staying in your comfort zone means you will fail to anticipate market forces or identify many of the opportunities available to those who are ready to step into the unknown with confidence.  This leaves you and your business vulnerable and limits your capacity to thrive.

Becoming a PROFITABLE ENLIGHTENED LEADER offers you the opportunity to create profits in the widest sense: wellbeing, great relationships, a well trained and motivated workforce who are as engaged as you are in creating ongoing success, greater levels of productivity and a healthy work-life balance - All of which have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Are you a leader or a follower?

Time is of the essence!!  For those who choose to be the leaders who light the way - it is time to become a Profitable Enlightened Leader.


When It comes to your personal leadership - can you relate?

  Feeling stressed and exhausted by the constant battle to manage staff effectively
  Finding the right staff, developing their true potential and keeping them
  Tired of staff constantly complaining about ‘something’ 
  Feeling the only way to get things done properly is to do it yourself 
  Feeling you can’t please anyone, at work or at home – your family complain you are never available – even when you are at home
  Missing your children’s concerts, plays and sports days
  Negative impact on your bottom line 


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